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Do Addiction Treatment Facilities Separate Males And Females?

When someone is going to treatment for their addiction to drugs or alcohol, they are a wreck. Their coping mechanism as a substance has been removed. They are likely anxious, depressed, and full of cravings. Their mind and emotions are still fixated on how to feel better, and for many, the urge to get relief in the form of a drink or drug often wins. However, the will to let go of an addiction is powerful once it arrives. Recovery works when someone admits they are addicted, accept that they need professional help, and desire change. Finally, recovery is an individual mental process that takes time. Anyone getting clean and sober must understand that they need a lot of personal help and long-term treatment is most effective. Do Addiction Treatment Facilities Separate Males And Females?

The Main Reason Why Addiction Treatment Facilities Separate Males and Females

Unfortunately, the facts are that when a newly recovering addict substitutes their drugs or alcohol with liking or loving someone else, it will cause a relapse. The idea of love, sex, marriage, and everything else surrounding a relationship is all about feelings. People use drugs and alcohol to escape their feelings. Love and liking someone will kick off emotions and desires that will quickly go haywire, leaving the newly recovering addict or alcoholic without the defense or numbing power of a drug or drink. Addiction is a disease of the mind and emotions, so keeping men and women separated at treatment prevents the distorted thinking that the feelings for another are genuine. A person’s feelings in recovery are challenging for several years; only through extended clean time is a person in recovery ready for a relationship. 

Are Separate Treatment Programs Better?

Since recovery is a time of healing past hurts and trauma and learning how people think about themselves, separate programs for women and men are better. In addition, the National Institute Of Health reports other facts about why men and women are different in terms of addiction.

Considerable research has shown that there are important ways in which the course of drug use and treatment participation differs for men and women. First, there are gender differences in what caused substance use and becoming dependent. Women tend to use drugs and alcohol later in life versus men but progress faster to dependence. Women more often report that initiation occurs within the context of sexual or interpersonal relationships. In contrast, men are more likely to report experimentation or peer influence as the context for drug use initiation. (NIH)

What is A Women’s Treatment Program?

Treatment tailored to the needs of women is often the answer for helping women get the therapy and attention she needs. In addition to addiction and alcoholism, women are more likely to have anxiety and depression than men. A women’s centered program will cater to the needs that most share in common. For example, group therapy topics will discuss sexuality, motherhood, rape, changes in emotional needs caused by hormonal imbalances, and verbal, physical, and sexual abuse by men or other assailants. Female-specific groups are the most effective for allowing freedom of expression and enhancing trust in treatment programs.

Gender-specific programs may be more effective for females, particularly those with histories of trauma and abuse. (NIDA)

What Treatment Programs Do Men Need?

Men’s treatment will address male-centered issues. For example, a men’s rehab program will share topics about male identity within society, rage management, sexual promiscuity, sexual abuse as predator and victim, and therapy for trauma and abuse. Other men-centered groups will focus on stress triggers and behavioral addictions which are more common to men, such as gambling, sex, gaming, and money. Men’s rehab programs also provide behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy in women’s rehab programs.

Evoke Wellness Offer Males and Females Specialized Treatment Programs

We have been providing gender-specific treatment options for decades. Although many people are successful in co-ed rehabs, we have found that most people engage more deeply when the same-sex surrounds them. The therapeutic value of gender-centered therapy programs is indisputable. Call right now to speak to either program’s director and to begin your healing from drugs and alcohol. We provide same-day admission with one phone call. So don’t let drugs and alcohol destroy another day, month, or year. We are here to help you!