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6 Treatments for Addiction

Addiction is a complex and chronic brain disease characterized by compulsive drug-seeking behavior and the inability to stop using drugs despite harmful consequences. Addiction affects behavior and brain function. Fortunately, it can be treated. 6 Treatments for Addiction

More About Addiction and Treatment

Addiction is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone’s path to addiction is different,  We all have our own story. So each of us will have different needs when it comes to getting treatment. A person can choose the treatment right for them depending on what substance or substances they were using, mental health issues, the severity of the addiction and level of care needed, and what options your insurance will cover or that you can afford.

6 Ways To Treat Addiction

There is no single treatment for addiction that is right for everyone. Having quick access to treatment that addresses all of the patient’s needs and not just their drug use is critical. Effective treatment should also address any other possible mental health issues. There are numerous types of treatment available when it comes to addiction treatment. Here are 6 of the most popular treatments.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT – CBT is a treatment that can be used for almost any substance abuse or addiction. It helps a person recognize unhealthy behaviors, identify triggers, and develop healthy coping skills. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be used alone or with other therapeutic techniques.
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy or REBT – REBT helps a person recognize negative thoughts and gives them ways to battle these feelings of self-defeat. This treatment aims to help the individual realize the power of your thinking is within yourself and not caused by any stress or stressors. Rational emotive behavioral therapy focuses on positive thinking and developing better habits.
  • Detoxification – Detox is the natural removal of addictive toxins (drugs and alcohol) from the body. Detox is best done in a medically supervised treatment facility where the person can be monitored and given medications to help make the withdrawal process a little easier. Detox can be very uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous when doing it alone. Detox must be accompanied by therapy to treat the underlying cause of the addiction.
  • Contingency Management or CM – Contingency management can be used to treat many different types of addiction. It reinforces positive behavior by providing tangible rewards. This type of treatment has been very successful in preventing relapse.
  • 12-Step Program – 12-step programs are a type of group therapy that is widely used for drug and alcohol abuse. It recognizes that addiction has negative consequences that can affect one’s entire being. Therapy begins with accepting the addiction, turning it over to a higher power, and then moving on to being involved inconsistent group meetings. The 12-steps is a path that each member works at their own pace to overcome the addiction.
  • Medications – The last treatment option is medication or medication-assisted treatment. Medications can be crucial in treating substance abuse disorders. There are meds that reduce cravings, minimize withdrawal symptoms, help with mood, prevent relapse and reduce addictive habits. Anytime medication is used as the treatment of choice it must be used in addition to therapy. Medications are great but do not help with the behavioral aspects of addiction.

No matter what form of treatment is used,  it must help the person suffering stop using drugs, stay drug-free, and be productive in work, family, and society. Addiction is a disease that can be successfully treated, but without treatment death is imminent.

Start Treatment for Substance Use Disorder at Evoke Wellness

Evoke Wellness offers a safe and comfortable environment for medical detoxification. Our patients are treated extensively so that minimal discomfort is experienced during the detox process. We provide residential treatment in a structured environment and then provide you with after-care support which is very important when being treated for addiction. Evoke Wellness is here to help you get on the road to long-term recovery.