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When and Why is Drug Treatment Effective?

As is the case with almost everything in life, you will get out of drug treatment exactly what you put into it. The amount of effort you exert will directly affect the benefits you reap. If you enter into a program of recovery with a closed mind and without a program of recovery will have – when is drug treatment effective – and why? The answers to these questions differ on a person-to-person basis. First, let’s start with the “when” of things. no willingness to get clean and sober, there is a good chance that you will relapse within the first several weeks of sobriety. If you go into recovery with an open mind and with the willingness to go to any length, you will truly be “amazed before you are halfway through.” In this article, we will explore two significant questions that many people who are entering inWhen and Why is Drug Treatment Effective?

When Is Drug Treatment Effective?

There are several components of every effective drug treatment program. As previously mentioned, the effectiveness of any recovery program depends very heavily on the willingness of each client. Some people desperately want to get sober, and who somehow find themselves behind bars for decades – if they want to get sober, these people find a way to integrate into Alcoholics Anonymous and maintain sobriety once they get out of prison. Along the same vein, some people are placed into the top-tier treatment centers in America – treatment centers that offer private daily spa sessions and world-class, chef-prepared meals.

We have nothing better than counseling and psychotherapy to fight addiction

If the people in these treatment centers do not want to get clean, even the most perfectly cooked filet mignon will not keep them sober. At Evoke Wellness, we have developed a comprehensive and highly effective program of care – one that boasts an extremely high success rate. Still, the effectiveness ultimately boils down to each client. Some of the components of our effective drug treatment plan include:

  • Licensed and highly experienced therapists
  • A combination of therapeutic intervention, the 12-step model of recovery, and holistic treatment methods, which are combined depending on the needs of each client
  • The availability of Medication Assisted Treatment, which includes medications like Suboxone as well as antipsychotic medications for those suffering from dual diagnosis disorders
  • Life skills training services, like vocational training and job placement services, educational placement, budgeting, and even grocery store shopping on a budget

Why Is Drug Treatment Effective?

Why are certain treatment programs more effective than others? In addition to boiling things down to the willingness of each client (as we have already discussed in-depth), drug treatment is effective because of the level of experience the staff members have, the services that are provided, and the extended break from drugs and alcohol. One of the components of inpatient treatment that makes it truly effective is seclusion – even if a client is working through a significant trigger or urge to use, he or she does not have access to drugs or alcohol in any capacity. To learn more about why drug treatment is effective, call Evoke Wellness today. We are happy to answer any additional questions that you may have to the very best of our ability.

Evoke Wellness – Consistently Effective Treatment

At Evoke Wellness we offer a program of recovery that is highly effective and extremely comprehensive. This means that in addition to treating all of the physical symptoms associated with substance abuse and dependence, we treat emotional and mental health and ensure that every one of our clients is equipped with the tools he or she needs to maintain sobriety for the remainder of his or her life. If you would like to learn more about what makes our treatment program so effective or if you would like to get started on your journey of recovery, simply give us a call or contact us through our website.