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Three Ways in Which Heroin Destroys Lives

I remember the day that my boyfriend overdosed on heroin. He had fallen off the wagon, and he had been struggling to get sober again for several months. Because we both lived in a recovery-rich community, he had numerous treatment options available at his disposal. I had attempted to drive him to detox several times only to have him beg me to pull over so he could use “just one last time.” Of course, if you have personally struggled with heroin addiction or know someone who has, you understand that there is no such thing as “one last time.” Heroin addiction is entirely overwhelming, and once a person has fallen victim to the drug, all rationality and competency fly out the window. Three Ways in Which Heroin Destroys Lives?

Why Do You Become Addicted to Heroin?

Drug use becomes completely compulsive, and the person quickly loses all choice in the matter. The day my boyfriend overdosed, he was found dead in the bushes several blocks away from the state-funded rehab center he had been waiting to get admitted to. A dealer found him waiting outside for a bed to open up and approached him with his drug of choice – of course, because he was detoxing, he had a difficult time saying no. If he hadn’t been revived by emergency first responders and subsequently hospitalized, he would have lost his life that day.

How to Help Addict Individuals?

At Evoke Wellness, we believe that quality and effective detox and addiction treatment services should be readily available to those who need them. There is no reason why someone suffering from life-threatening heroin addiction should have to wait in line for a bed to open up. So, if you or someone you love has been struggling with heroin addiction, contact us today to begin our fast and simple admissions process. Get the help you need before you completely ruin your life or a loved one’s life. No one wants to see someone they loved succumb to the addiction that is heroin.

What are the Three Ways in Which Heroin Destroys Lives?

Heroin destroys lives. It destroys the lives of the people who are actively using the drug; it destroys the lives of the friends and family members who love the person struggling with addiction. But, it doesn’t just destroy lives by ending them – although it does end many, many lives. Three additional ways that heroin destroys lives are: 

  • The drug leads to a series of serious and sometimes irreparable consequences. Most people who use heroin for an extended period find themselves in some degree of legal trouble when they decide to stop using. They experience significant financial strain because they spend all of their available funds on their drug of choice. Interpersonal relationships are strained; over time, they end up completely pushing their loved ones away. The longer a person avoids seeking professional help, the more severe these consequences become.
  • People who habitually abuse heroin often experience permanent health-related issues. They might experience a collapsed vein due to ongoing use, which can lead to permanent vein damage if the injection site is used again once the vein has collapsed. Numerous other issues can occur at the injection site, like abscesses, permanent scarring, and serious skin infections. In severe cases, a person might have to have their entire arms amputated if the damage is bad enough.
  • Heroin destroys the lives of the people you love. When my boyfriend was found dead in the bushes and taken to the hospital, where they saved his life and resuscitated him, he was sent to a remote rehab facility for 90 days. I knew that he was having a difficult time, but not knowing where he was or how he was doing was extremely painful for me. Consider how much damage you are doing to your loved ones in addition to yourself.

Evoke Wellness and Heroin Addiction Recovery

At Evoke Wellness, we have extensive experience treating all symptoms associated with heroin addiction and helping men and women of all ages completely turn around their lives. We understand how difficult it can be to overcome heroin addiction without professional help. It is often impossible. The good news is that recovery resources are readily available, and treatment centers like Evoke Wellness are standing by to help in any and every way possible.

Change Your Life At Evoke Wellness

When looking for a heroin addiction treatment center, there are a few things to keep in mind. Look for a treatment center that accepts your insurance, one that’s in an ideal location, and one that effectively treats heroin addiction with a combination of medication-assisted treatment, behavioral therapy, and holistic treatment options. To learn more about our recovery program,  contact us today, and speak to one of our addiction specialists who will help you find the right path to your sobriety. All calls are free and confidential.