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Disturbing Behaviors Drunk People Exhibit

Alcohol affects people in several different ways. Some people can have one or two glasses of wine with dinner and behave like respectable adults even though they might have a slight buzz. Other people might not be able to stop once they start, and while they might set off to have one beer after work, they soon find themselves knee-deep in empty bottles. Even though they drink to excess, they might be able to crawl into bed without disturbing anyone, waking up the next day with a pretty nasty hangover but otherwise suffering very few consequences. Finally, some have a difficult time controlling their drinking, and they completely lose control of the way they behave as soon as they are intoxicated.  Many people drink, but not everyone exhibits disturbing behaviors once they are drunk – there are those that can’t control their intake or the way they act.  Disturbing Behaviors That Drunk People Exhibit

Are You or a Loved One an Angry Drunk? 

According to an article published by WebMD, several different types of “drinking personality” that a person might have once they are intoxicated. For most people, having a few drinks in a social setting creates a sense of camaraderie and facilitates conversation. But for some, having a few drinks in a social environment can lead to extreme aggression, violent outbursts, and picking fights. These actions will be the case for “The Angry Drunk” – someone who gets extremely angry and hot-headed when they have had a few too many. Then there is “The Depressed Drunk” – someone who gets extremely sad and down in the dumps whenever they have more than a drink or two. There are many other behaviors that drunk people engage in that might seem to be disturbing. The good news is that if you do suffer from a drinking problem or even a diagnosable alcohol abuse disorder, there is professional alcoholism help in the form of alcohol detox and a residential treatment program. Someone who watched a parent lose their lives at the hands of alcoholism might find that they behave exactly how this parent behaved, despite promising themselves that they would never do the same. If you have a drinking problem and behave entirely differently than you otherwise would while intoxicated, we are available to help. 

What Disturbing Behaviors do Drunk People Engage In?

Experiencing a significant change in emotion is not entirely uncommon, and engaging in violent outbursts while intoxicated is one of the more common disturbing behaviors that drunk people exhibit. The following behaviors might be considered problematic by some drunk people:

  • Driving while intoxicated, and therefore putting the lives of others in danger.
  • Engaging in promiscuous sex.
  • Engaging in illegal activities because of significantly reduced inhibitions.
  • Mixing alcohol with other chemical substances can increase the risk of overdose or other health-related severe issues.
  • Blacking out and not remembering what happened the night before.
  • Engaging in behaviors that are entirely out of character.

When some people are drunk, they do things that they would never normally do. Someone who loves their partner very much might get blackout drunk and cheat on them. Someone who beliefs in peace and working through conflict healthily and productively might pick a bar fight and give a stranger a black eye. 

Evoke Wellness and Recovery from Alcoholism

At Evoke Wellness, we understand how difficult it can be to struggle with an alcohol abuse disorder of any severity, especially if you experience behavioral changes as a direct result. We offer a comprehensive alcohol addiction recovery program that includes 12-step program involvement and intensive therapy, along with numerous other effective treatment options. To learn more about our alcoholism recovery program or learn more about the role that alcohol plays in developing specific behavioral issues, reach out to us today around the clock. All calls are absolutely free and fully confidential.