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Can You Work During the First 30 Days of Treatment?

When individuals decide they are ready to go to treatment, the first step is to get substance abuse and mental health evaluation. This will determine the severity of the addiction and the person’s mental health. From there, the substance abuse counselor will make treatment recommendations. There are several different treatment options available when it comes to addiction treatment. Depending on a person’s mental health status and current drug and alcohol history, the counselor will recommend either an inpatient program or some kind of outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment consists of staying in a rehab facility for 30 days or longer and involves a medically supervised detox.

Different Types of Treatment Options During Recovery

Outpatient treatment can either be an intensive outpatient program, a pretty extensive program, or just regular outpatient. There is also a partial hospitalization program which usually consists of more intense treatment for any mental health issues the person may be suffering from, along with extensive treatment for the addiction. However, with these outpatient treatment programs, the person can return home each night. Can You Work During the First 30 Days of Treatment

What to Expect in the First 30 Days of Treatment?

After an assessment is done on the individual and a treatment program is chosen, the next step is detoxing. For anyone with a physical addiction to a substance, this is best done under the care of a medical team in a treatment facility. If the person chooses outpatient, detox would still be done under the care of a physician, but they would be going home each day after treatment. The next step is an active treatment. During active treatment, the individual will learn about the disease of addiction, participate in group and individual therapy sessions with a licensed counselor or therapist, and attend 12-step meetings and other support groups. Other treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical therapy, and family therapy can also occur during this phase. Treatment for addiction in the first 30 days is long and tiring.

Should You Work During the First 30 Days of Treatment?

This brings us to the question, can you work during the first 30 days of treatment? If you do not attend an inpatient rehab program, you can work during this time; however, it is not recommended. The first 30 days of any treatment program are crucial in recovery. Detoxing, getting stable with your mental health and without substances is hard, and actively participating in therapy and support groups while getting enough rest can make for a long day. Adding a job on top of that can cause stress, especially early recovery. In the first 30 days of treatment, it’s best to focus solely on your recovery and get stable without drugs or alcohol. Early recovery is extremely difficult. The most important thing is developing a good support system, learning how to cope and handle stressful situations, working on yourself, and maintaining a good length of sobriety before trying to get a job or go back to work.

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