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Can Addiction Be Cured or Treated in a Rehab?

Addiction is a chronic health condition, one which can be effectively treated but never entirely cured. If you have been struggling with addiction, you might be wondering which steps to take to maintain sobriety and regain control of your life. Struggling with active addiction can be extremely isolating. You feel as if you are all alone in the world; like no one can relate to your problems and like no one really cares enough to try. You feel like no matter how sincere your efforts are, you are unable to make any kind of tangible progress. Maybe you stay sober for several hours or even a full day, and before you know it, you are right back where you started. Believe it or not, many people share the same struggle.

Can Addiction Be Cured or Treated in a Rehab? Can I Get Sober Without Rehab?

Getting sober without help is often impossible. The good news is that there is ample help readily available. The recommended route is to enter into a drug and alcohol rehab after completing a short stay in an inpatient detox center. In detox, you will undergo a safe and pain-free drug and alcohol withdrawal, and a team will professionally treat you of medical doctors and nurses. Once you have been physically stabilized, you will enter into a rehab program, where you will undergo intensive therapy and learn how to cope with uncomfortable emotions as they arise. To learn more about how to treat an addictive disorder effectively, contact us today.

How and Why Rehab Centers Work for Addiction

Can addiction be cured or treated in a drug and alcohol rehab? As previously mentioned, addiction can be effectively treated. However, because addiction is a chronic and relapsing brain disease, it can never be completely cured. You might have heard the saying, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” People say this to remind themselves that they can never drink alcohol safely — not in any form. People who struggle with addiction cannot use any chemical substance safely, no matter how much sober time they are able to string together. As soon as they make the decision to pick up a drink or a drug, they will soon find themselves exactly where they left off. Additionally, one of the most common symptoms of addiction and alcoholism is the presence of an intense craving for the substance of choice. This is part of the reason why inpatient rehabs are so effective; they separate the addict or alcoholic from their substance of choice for long enough for them to heal. To learn more about the benefits associated with rehab or to learn more about how and why rehab centers work for addiction, contact us today.

Evoke Wellness and Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

At Evoke Wellness we treat drug and alcohol addiction with an individualized combination of evidence-based treatment methods. We utilize intensive psychotherapy, medication-assisted treatment whenever necessary, relapse prevention training techniques, and a range of other addiction services. If you have been struggling with addiction and you have attempted to quit on your own with little to no success, Evoke Wellness is available to help. As soon as you make the initial phone call, you will be put in touch with someone who can walk you through every stage of the admissions process, beginning with a short assessment that consists of a series of personal, addiction-related questions.

Overcome Addiction and Stay Sober at Evoke Wellness

The answers to these questions help our clinical team determine which treatment methods will be best suited for your unique case. Once the assessment is complete, we help you sort through all potential coverage options. Evoke Wellness works directly with many major health insurance providers, and we are happy to provide a benefits check whenever needed. Simply ask, and we will complete one over the phone in a short matter of minutes. We understand how isolating it can be to struggle with addiction and how difficult it can be to make that initial phone call. But rest assured — many of us have been in your shoes, and we are happy to help however we can.