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Why Are Drug Addicts Good Liars?

Drug addiction is a very complicated disease. It is truly unlike other diseases in the sense that it is largely behavioral, meaning that the individual who is struggling with addiction acts in ways that he or she would never otherwise act. If you have ever struggled with addiction yourself, or if you have watched someone you love to fight a battle with substance abuse, you understand exactly what this means. The person who is struggling with addiction no longer seems like themself. It might feel as if they are an empty shell of who they once were, or if something entirely different – corrupt and malicious – is inhabiting their body. The person who is struggling with addiction might engage in illegal activities to support his or her habit, steal from loved ones, and lie about everything, even things that don’t necessarily make sense to lie about. Why is it that drug addicts lie so frequently, and how come it seems like being dishonest is almost second nature for men and women who are in the throes of addiction? There are several reasons why men and women who are addicted to drugs lie so often, and all of these reasons are directly linked to active addiction. If you or someone you love has been struggling with drug addiction and has been engaging in erratic behavior, recovery is possible. However, it is important to understand that overcoming an addiction will not happen overnight, and it requires a long-term commitment to an extended program of clinical care. To learn more about how to overcome addiction and go on to lead a healthy and fulfilling substance-free life, reach out to us today. Why Are Drug Addicts Good Liars?

Drug Addiction and Lying Are Connected

There are many reasons why men and women who are addicted to drugs tend to lie, and the frequency of their dishonesty essentially turns them into relatively good liars by the time they enter into recovery. It is important to understand that these negative behavioral patterns generally do not continue if an individual commits to a long-term program of clinical care that includes medical detox, inpatient treatment, and long-term aftercare.

Lying is Often A Part of Addiction

If someone you know and love has been struggling with drug abuse or addiction, try not to take their negative behavioral patterns personally. Chronic lying is a symptom of drug addiction, and it can be effectively remedied. Some of the more common reasons why men and women who struggle with addiction frequently engage in dishonesty include:

  • They are afraid that if they are honest about their struggles with addiction they will be asked to stop, and most men and women who struggle with drug addiction are in denial and want to continue using regardless of the consequences.
  • Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease that seriously affects the way that the brain processes information. Men and women who are struggling with drug addiction sincerely believe that they must continue using their drug of choice to survive – their brains are sending them this message daily. they go to great lengths to continue using, including being dishonest with the people that they love the most.
  • Drug addiction is a very selfish disease, and men and women who are suffering from this condition tend to prioritize their own needs above the needs of anyone else. This can lead to dishonesty and habitual lying.

Evoke Wellness and Drug Addiction Recovery

At Evoke Wellness, we tackle drug addiction at its core, treating the physical, behavioral and psychological implications. we understand that many men and women who have engaged in long-term substance abuse will need to learn an entirely new set of life skills, which is why our treatment program focuses on the development of crucial skills and the implementation of healthy coping mechanisms. to learn more about our comprehensive program of drug addiction recovery, or to learn more about why your addicted loved one might be struggling, to tell the truth, please feel free to reach out to us today. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get your loved ones started on his or her journey of drug addiction recovery.