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Is Tramadol Less Dangerous than Other Opiates?

Opiates are substances created from opium, which is a compound obtained from the opium poppy plant. Opium is well known for its many attributes, but its chief is its ability to numb the pain and create pleasurable feelings. Thus, opiates make for very effective analgesics and are commonly misused for the euphoric feelings they generate. Many medicines are made from the opium plant, including prescription medication like tramadol, fentanyl, and methadone. The most popular illegal drug synthesized from the opium poppy plant is heroin. Is Tramadol Less Dangerous than Other Opiates?

Tramadol Vs. Other Opiates: More or Less Dangerous?

Some are more notorious than others, even among opiates and their shared characteristics. For instance, heroin is not viewed in the same light as other opiates since it can only be illegally obtained. For this reason, its composition and dosages used by people are questionable in a best-case scenario and likely fatal in others. But how does the well-known prescription opiate, Tramadol, compare to other opiates?

Why is Tramadol Marketed as a Safer Opioid-Based Alternative?

For years, Tramadol has been safer than many other opiates like methadone or hydrocodone. The reason is that, compared to stronger prescription opioids, Tramadol has a lower potential for being addictive and causing withdrawal but with regular use, tolerance develops all the same. The lower euphoric potency of Tramadol does not entirely rule out its addictive nature and potential for physical dependence. It is still very much a potent habit-forming drug as is prevalent with all morphine-containing medicines, but on a lesser wavelength than all the others. Also, Tramadol is fully synthetic, making its exact composition and consumption dosages well-known. Thus, ambiguity about how it is supposed to work is removed. Nevertheless, the drug can still cause chemical dependency. Nowadays, the abuse rates for tramadol have begun to evidence that the drug may even be more addictive than was initially believed. In addition, on occasion, the medicine has been known to elicit withdrawal effects like those caused by oxycodone, a “stronger” opiate. Therefore, whether tramadol is less dangerous or more, care must also be observed with the amount and frequency with which it is used.

Characteristics of Prescription Opiates Such as Tramadol

Since opiates are all linked in one way or another to the opium plant (which contains morphine), it follows that they must share some features. Below are some of the traditional characteristics common to all opiates:

  • They are typically pain killers. Many opiates are used to relieve mild to moderate and even acute pain. For instance, pain that follows surgical procedures may be managed using an opiate.
  • They cause the brain to release chemicals called endorphins. In turn, these chemicals cause a person to feel happy or euphoric.
  • They are highly addictive substances. The most common reasons opiates are too often misused are linked to the outlined two features.

Consequently, it becomes all too clear that opiates are called narcotics owing to their tripartite activity of inducing analgesia, narcosis, and addiction.

Finding Help for Opioid Addiction

If you or a loved one has been on a tramadol prescription for a while and is at risk of dependency, getting appropriate care is necessary. For the most effective results, rehabilitation should be at a licensed detox facility with qualified specialists. Evoke Wellness is a fully accredited care center that offers, through its well-seasoned clinicians and varied healing programs, help to become sober. Contact a recovery advocate today for a full breakdown of services provided by the center and pricing.