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Do Coronavirus Restrictions Encourage Drug Abuse?

The coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time period for everyone, no question. In an unprecedented turn of events, individuals from around the world have had to make major changes to their routines in an attempt to adapt to a global pandemic. America has also seen a significant amount of social unrest, and one of the biggest and most controversial presidential elections in decades. Things are stressful. There are no two ways around that. For individuals who are active in addiction recovery, recent events have not only been extremely stress-inducing, but they have forced a necessary change to the structured routine that – in and of itself – keeps millions of men and women sober daily.

Did the Coronavirus Pandemic Increase Drug Addiction?

This begs the question – do coronavirus restrictions encourage drug abuse? One thing is for certain – the number of addiction cases throughout the United States has increased dramatically since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this does not necessarily mean that the restrictions are responsible for the increase in drug abuse. What the rise in addiction cases indicates is a need for more accessible mental health services. If individuals had access to one-on-one therapy – even virtual therapy – the numbers could be reduced dramatically. At Evoke Wellness, we believe that while staying sober is now more difficult than ever before, it is far from impossible. There are many viable and effective ways to adapt to current circumstances and maintain sobriety. Do the current restrictions contribute to drug abuse? Unfortunately, they do. However – they do not encourage drug abuse. With the proper coping mechanisms in place, anyone can achieve and maintain sobriety – even in the most adverse circumstances. Do Coronavirus Restrictions Encourage Drug Abuse?

Challenges of Staying Sober During Coronavirus

Here are several tips that we have compiled on staying sober during the coronavirus. We understand that it is not easy and that individuals who are in recovery will be forced to adapt. However, learning how to be flexible now will only serve you in the long run.

  • Find at least one virtual AA meeting that you can attend daily. AA and NA meetings are now predominantly online, but there are many perks to that – you can join in on and experience an AA meeting that is taking place anywhere in the world!
  • Be sure that you are calling the members of your sober support system regularly. Not only does this help you, but it makes a positive impact on their lives as well.
  • Be aware of your relapse triggers. Is loneliness a trigger of yours? Be sure that you are spending time with people who you know and trust, like your immediate family members or other members of your quadrant-team, like your roommates.

Evoke Wellness Treatment Centers and COVID-19

Evoke Wellness offers a network of addiction treatment centers which are fully licensed and accredited, and consistently providing the highest quality of clinical care available throughout the country. If you have been suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder of any severity, if you have been struggling to stay sober amidst the coronavirus epidemic, or if you were sober and recently experienced a relapse, we are available to help. Simply give us a call and we will get you admitted to our program of recovery as quickly as possible. We understand that this is an especially difficult time and that getting sober and staying sober is more difficult than ever before. However, we sincerely believe that recovery is entirely possible and that anyone who has been struggling with a substance abuse disorder can successfully overcome it with the right tools in place. To learn more about our recovery program or to learn additional tips on how to stay sober during coronavirus, please feel free to reach out to us at any point in time. We look forward to speaking with you soon and answering any additional questions you may have.