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Can You Get Addicted to Taking too Much Ibuprofen?

Most people know that Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication that relieves pain from swelling and inflammation. Ibuprofen is also taken to reduce fever. Ibuprofen is classified as an NSAID, which stands for Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. NSAID’s like Ibuprofen have been sold everywhere since the 1950s and the most well-known type of Ibuprofen, Advil, came into existence in the 1960s. Ibuprofen is safe to take for short-term pain but should not be relied on in the long term as it will destroy the lining of the stomach and cause ulcers and other visceral organ problems. Is it possible to become addicted to taking too much Ibuprofen, which would cause you to have adverse side effects?

Taking too Much Ibuprofen Can Lead To Addiction?

Ibuprofen is not a narcotic, and it is not possible to get addicted to Ibuprofen the same way a person can get addicted to prescription medications. Still, a person may find enormous levels of relief when they take Ibuprofen to treat their pain, which may be addicting. Not unlike drug and alcohol addictions over the counter medication addiction can ruin a person’s life. When someone abuses an OTC medication, they will disrupt their body’s physical health. The issue of addiction is less about the drug and more about the person’s need to use anything addictively to feel better or different.  The program we provide for OTC addiction relies on behavioral therapy methods that are evidence-based and proven to help someone get free of OTC drug use.

What is OTC Addiction?

OTC addiction applies to any drug sold without a prescription that someone is taking to change how they feel or get relief from a physical health issue. Many people who are addicted to OTC pain medication need medical care. An underlying condition may be forcing them to overtake Ibuprofen to feel physically better. Addiction is a disease of the mind and emotions that can occur with drugs, alcohol, behaviors (gambling, shopping, sex, money, etc.). The most important way to help anyone addicted to anything is to offer them professional treatment at a drug or behavior-specific treatment center.  Drug-specific rehab programs include OTC addiction and medically supervised OTC detoxification. 

What Happens to A Persons Health if They Take Too Much Ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen is a type of NSAID that will cause gastrointestinal illness. Doctors are always reluctant to recommend Ibuprofen to anyone with medical histories that will put them at risk for a severe medical emergency if they take Ibuprofen. The following medical conditions should never be treated with Ibuprofen and apply to people with: 

  • Increased risk of bleeding due to a clotting disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • History of a heart attack
  • History of hemorrhagic stroke
  • Blood clots
  • Stomach or intestinal ulcers
  • Liver problems
  • Bleeding of the stomach or intestines
  • Kidney transplant or kidney disease 
  • Pregnant 
  • History of alcoholism 

When Would Doctors Recommend Ibuprofen?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health rely on scientists and medical doctors to compete in advanced research and study over-the-counter medications. They reference what Ibuprofen is approved to treat. 

Ibuprofen is also FDA-approved for use in mild to moderate pain. It is also available as an over-the-counter medication for pain, usually mild. Some common over-the-counter uses for Ibuprofen are muscle sprains or strains, joint aches, pain from migraine, sore throat, and pain from cold or cases of flu. Ibuprofen is also an FDA-approved antipyretic used for fever reduction in both adults and children. Though Ibuprofen is already widely accepted as an effective treatment for pain, research is continually seeking to add more effectiveness to the clinical use of Ibuprofen in pain treatment. (NCBI

What Treatment Programs Help Ibuprofen (OTC) Addiction?

The most beneficial programs to people abusing over-the-counter medication like Ibuprofen must be evidence-based, include behavioral therapies, and provide in-depth counseling. Evoke Wellness has been treating over-the-counter addiction for decades. We have seen the most downtrodden OTC addicts arrive here and reclaim their energy for life drug-free and leave healthy. We provide one-on-one, small group, cognitive, and dialectical behavioral therapy, psychiatric assessments, and professional aftercare support to all patients in the OTC rehab. 

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