Family Program

Family Program

Family Program

Addiction, much like other serious illnesses, impacts the entire family. People that struggle with the disease are usually not completely aware of the hurt and damage they have caused and much of the time the damage is very severe by the time they do go to treatment. Sometimes the family even has to intervene on the addicts behalf and convince them to seek treatment, and this can be met by major resistance.
Whatever the case may be, the family plays a critical role in the treatment process of a loved one struggling with addiction. At Evoke Wellness we understand the impact family can have in the treatment process, this is why we have a family program.

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Family Roles In Addiction

When a family is confronted with addiction, there are certain patterns of reinforced behavior that occur and usually the family isn’t even aware this is happening. This phenomenon was described by psychotherapist Virginia Satir in the 1960’s and 70’s and then adapted by psychotherapists Claudia Black and Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse in the 1980’s. In the family you have the:
  • Addict – The person suffering with the addiction. The addict creates chaos and tension within the family and avoids taking responsibility.
  • Enabler – The enabler protects the addict and neglects their own self-care. They will make excuses for and justify the addict’s behavior and take on the responsibility keeping the addict from being held accountable. The enabler is usually codependent.
  • Hero – The hero is the star of the family and is usually the high achiever who has great success and accomplishment. They are perfectionists and tend to have high levels of anxiety. This can lead to poor communication, rigidity, and the inability for them to ask for help.
  • Scapegoat – The scapegoat is less passive-aggressive and usually becomes directly defiant. They may act out in unhealthy ways. They can be underachieving, be irresponsible and can sometimes even engage in substance misuse.
  • Mascot – The mascot is the immature person that uses humor to diffuse the situation. This is used to gain attention and as a means of control. The mascot is viewed as a poor decision maker.
  • Mediator – The mediator is the go-between person. They don’t want any anger or hostility and have a high tolerance for inappropriate behavior. They like to avoid conflict. This often results in deep fear and unspoken resentments.
  • Lost Child – The lost child is invisible. They become independent and immerse in solitary activities. They never ask of others which leads to unmet needs and low self-esteem.
Sometimes it’s not easy to identify the roles and sometimes one family member will assume multiple roles or a single role can be played by multiple family members.

The Importance of Family Involvement in Addiction

Family involvement in addiction makes the treatment more effective for the struggling individual. Family members will learn their roles and what changes need to be made as the addict goes through the treatment process. And the family can voice their emotions in a productive and active way.
As the addict starts changing, new family dynamics can be negotiated and changes within the family can start occurring. Family members must be able to make adjustments and challenge prior behavior that may have been happening in the addict’s active addiction.

Family Program/Family Therapy Services

Family programs enable the family of an addict to participate in the treatment and therapy of their loved one. Family members can meet with their loved ones’ treatment team and learn how treatment plans are formed and engage in a variety of activities to support themselves and their addicted loved one. They can participate in group and individual therapy sessions, learn how to improve communication, set healthy boundaries, learn triggers of use for their loved one to help prevent relapse, and rebuild trust.
Our team of licensed professionals here at Evoke Wellness will help you learn about the disease of addiction and help you repair your relationship with your loved one through our family program.

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