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EVOKE Alumni Programs

To stay committed to recovery, it helps to stay connected. Our Alumni Programs can make a world of difference in patients who completed one of our treatment programs.

About our Alumni Programs

The Alumni program at Evoke Florida provides meetings and events for all of the clients who completed a treatment program with us. One primary purpose of treatment and a new life in recovery is to foster healthy relationships with others in recovery. The Alumni program gathers graduates together so they can see the results of recovery in real life.
For many Alumni members, staying connected with the people they got clean and sober with gives strength to move forward with their lives. Community involvement in recovery helps addicts and alcoholics in early sobriety cope with triggers and cravings.

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Benefits of Our Alumni Program

The idea of listening to your fellow recovering addicts share about how they overcame an obstacle or how they have grown not only encourages others to continue the clean and sober way of life, but it allows for the individual to feel proud of what they have accomplished. For most addicts and alcoholics while they were drinking and drugging, they did not have many or any significant relationships. The lifestyle of substance abuse limits how connected someone is to their friends or family members. In the Alumni program relationships are nurtured and support each individual in their growth.

One of the events that the Alumni program holds regularly are birthday meetings to celebrate milestones and years in recovery. All Alumni members are invited to share their success with Evoke. Some of the meetings that are held for the Alumni members also include current clients receiving treatment. The benefit of connecting graduates with people in early recovery is twofold. The graduates share how they did it, which inspires the newer clients, and the newer clients provide an opportunity for the graduates to offer support and guidance.

The Alumni program is open to all clients and graduates of Evoke, as well as their family members and others who support their recovery like a sponsor or clean and sober friends. By being involved with the Alumni program, our clients build on the foundation that was established for them while in treatment. It is a proven fact that those who are new in recovery will remain in recovery if they stay involved with peers who are also clean and sober.helps them connect mind-body, and spirit, such as yoga or meditation. Regardless of the type of spiritual interest a person chooses to believe in, the point is to find something that gives them a sense of belonging, which soothes the desire to be self-reliant, a trait all recovering addicts and alcoholics depended on during their drinking and drugging lifestyles.

Support Each Other in Sobriety

The goal of the Alumni program is to support our clients and their recovery. Through our networking website page, clients can see what meetings are available and select events. The website page will also provide contact information for the Alumni coordinator to connect clients with other clients. Staff members from Evoke also attend events and other significant meetings held at the center. For clients who live out of town and travel to an event, this is an opportunity to reconnect with their counselor or group facilitator.

Another particular benefit that our Alumni program provides is a resource for those clients who may have relapsed and wish to get their recovery back. Relapse, unfortunately, is a reality in many addicts and alcoholics story. For some people, they relapse once or twice or more before they realize how severe their disease is. This is not their fault but a symptom of addiction and alcoholism. The Alumni program allows these clients to reach out to someone they know from their recovery and ask for help. client and arrange an appointment before the client graduates.

Recovery is a lifelong process. The success stories of people who have reclaimed their lives in sobriety must be shared. The Alumni program offers hope and inspiration to newly recovering addicts and alcoholics, and to those that are struggling and need encouragement to stay sober, as well as for those who want to get clean and sober again.

Stay Connected With Recovering Addicts

The Alumni program is also helpful to family members and friends who are not in recovery but support their loved ones. Because alcoholism and addiction are diseases that stem from genetics, environmental factors and young- life influences, family members may have a difficult time understanding their loved one’s disease. By involving family members and friends with other people in recovery, they are not related to, helps them remain objective so they can better understand what it means to be an addict or alcoholic in recovery.

The benefits of our Alumni program are well supported. All of the clients who participate in our Alumni program or who remain connected with us are staying clean and sober. Our Alumni page also announces the birthdays of our clients, so that others who cannot attend the birthday meetings can leave a message of congratulations and support. Our Alumni program also allows clients who live in other states or cities to locate fellow Evoke graduates in their same city. Because we teach the importance of remaining connected to a recovery centered community, our Alumni program provides another option for how to nourish healthy recovery-focused relationships.

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