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About Evoke Wellness

Getting sober isn’t easy. In fact, it might be the bravest and most challenging thing you ever do.

Challenging experiences help us grow and that’s what we at Evoke are all about. We value personal growth.

We are dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients reach their full potential through improved self-understanding and community. We can guarantee that by the time you complete our in-depth and specially formulated treatment program, you’ll know yourself on a more deep and authentic level than ever before. We believe that your first time in treatment should also be your last. If done right the first time, there is no reason why you can’t go on to live a happy, fulfilled, and drug-free life, and never again fall victim to the pain and turmoil that goes hand-in-hand with active addiction.

Our facilities offer multiple levels of care

To ensure a comprehensive treatment experience, our locations are equipped to handle even the worst cases of chemical dependence.

Evoke Wellness revolves around three main ideas – individuality, respect, and a comprehensive experience. Take a look at these three fundamental beliefs, and how they work together to create an effective and compassionate treatment program unlike any other. 

Our Three Basic Principles for Treating Addiction

  • Individuality – At Evoke Wellness, we believe that every individual should have access to all of the specific resources that he or she needs, based on personal situation and needs. No two cases of active addiction are alike, thus no two recovery experiences should be identical. Upon admission to our treatment facility, we will conduct an in-depth, one-on-one evaluation, geared towards uncovering all underlying issues and contributing factors, and mapping out a completely unique and effective treatment plan. We will adjust the time of the stay and the mandatory activities (individual therapy, one-on-one therapy, psychiatry appointments, 12-step involvement, additional services) depending on how much progress is being made.
  • Respect – One of the main things that sets us apart from other treatment centers is our dedication to treating each and every individual with nothing but respect and compassion. The majority of our therapists, counselors, medical professionals, addiction specialists and staff members have been exactly where you are now, or have firsthand experience with addiction within their families or amongst their loved ones. This level of understanding lends itself to an unmatched level of empathy – one that stays consistent during the entire recovery process. In our eyes, you are not another patient or client – you are a peer and a friend, and we can learn just as much from you as you can learn from us.
  • A Comprehensive Experience – We understand that addiction is much more than a physical and mental dependence on alcohol and/or drugs. Addiction stems from a multitude of underlying experiences and pre-existing conditions, including environmental and biological factors, genetic predisposition, underlying mental health disorders, unresolved trauma and PTSD, and much more. Upon your arrival we will take all of these factors into account, making sure that you are being treated comprehensively, and that you have all of the necessary resources available to you. For example, if you simultaneously suffer from unresolved trauma, we will offer you trauma-specific counseling. If you struggle with a mental health condition like anxiety or depression, an on-staff psychiatrist will prescribe you the medications that will be necessary to your long-term recovery. No matter what co-occurring issues you’re facing or what kind of additional care you need, we’ve got you covered.

Our admissions specialists are available around the clock to assist those in need of addiction treatment.

We identify the underlying causes of substance abuse for a complete healing process.

Aftercare is a strong focus at our Evoke treatment facilities, and this includes a vibrant Alumni Program.

Our clinical staff has decades of experience in successfully treating substance use disorders.

Find the courage to reach out for help and begin the journey to recovery today.

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